Friday, July 26, 2013

Favorite Pins and Fiction Friday

Hello Everyone!  I'd like to share some of my favorite pins for the week.  I am linking up with Cara from the First Grade Parade for Favorite Pins Friday.

I love the color combination in this outfit found on Kendi Everyday.
Yellow and Purple
Salmon is one of my all time favorite foods.  The recipe for citrus glazed grilled salmon can be found on Betty Crocker's website.

Citrus-Glazed Grilled Salmon
I already have some ideas for how to use this trick from Geek Ideas. (How to print on a paper lunch bag)
Instructions for printing on paper lunch bags.  This might come in handy!
This looks like a great back to school game from Teach 4 Real.
Back to School Idea Pins

I love this.  You can text parents, and they will not get your number.  It is a free app from iTunes.

Free iPhone app to let you text parents without them seeing your #
Finally, I love these glitter marble magnets from How was your day?  I really hope I have time to make these before school starts.
                                  How to Make Glitter Glass Marble Magnets

Today I am also linking up with Amanda from The Teaching Thief for Fiction Friday
My reading list is full of new books that have recently come out as well as older titles that were recommended to me and I just haven't had a chance to get to yet.  The book I read this week is called Turn About.
I have read many books by Margaret Peterson Haddix in the past, but I just now got to this one (published in 2000).
Guided Reading Level - X

This book is about an experiment in "unaging".  A group of elderly nursing home residents were given a shot that has them age backwards.  Originally, they were to be given "the cure" when they reached the age where they would want to stay, and they would remain that age forever.  However, it is discovered that the cure will cause them to rapidly age and disintegrate.

The book is mainly about two subjects in the experiment living away from the agency as teenagers.  They realize that they are going to need to find someone to take care of them before they get too young to take care of themselves.  In the end, they find someone who is willing to take care of them, and everyone is optimistic about their future.

You can read more about this book here.

This book is exciting and very well-written.  It was recommended to me by a colleague who uses it as a read aloud.  I am concerned that the theme may be to mature for some of my fourth graders.  (Some of the participants in the study do not handle this well.  Although it is not a main point of the book, some commit suicide.)  I think I will offer it to one of my colleagues who teaches older students.  I loved the book, but my concerns are going to prevent me from using it as a read aloud or having it on the shelves for anyone to read.  However, I think it would be very appropriate to do so in middle school.

Have you read this book?  If so, I am curious about what you think.

Thank you!


  1. Wow, that book sounds really good. I love Margaret Peterson Haddix. The Shadow Children is one of my favorite series. I don't think I would hand it to my 4th graders either, but I'm going to check it out. Thanks or linking up.