Monday, September 16, 2013

Adding Fun to Syllable Practice-Part 1

Hello, Everyone!  Today, I am going to show you my attempt to add some fun to learning about open and closed syllables.  We are required to open our word study units with the five different types of syllables. I believe that having a strong understanding of the syllable types will lead to success in our future word study lessons.  My goal is to find a fun way to present this information.

Here are some of the activities I have planned for the week.

The first thing I did was provide my students with a visual of what open and closed syllables are. One of our awesome coaches suggested this activity as an opener.

I showed them a simple open syllable word.

Next, I literally closed it up.

I went through a couple of these, and we discussed the difference in the short and long vowel sound.  

I have a list of words for students to record in their notebooks and divide into syllables.  We look carefully at the first syllable, decide if the vowel is long or short, and then use this information to decide where to divide the word.  Here is the list of words I have for this week.  (I thought a fun border might help, thanks to ValerianeDigital.)

I found some SMART Board activities through SMART Exchange.  This is an excellent resource, if you have a SMART Board.  I just love it when I can save some time.

As the week goes on, students will be working on a word search while they read.  They will record words with open and closed first syllables in their notebooks.  (Students who need extra practice will focus on one-syllable words.)

We will complete a variety of stomping, clapping, and hand motion activities to show where and why two-syllable words are divided.  These activities are incorporated throughout the week.

Finally, I made some centers for students to practice sorting open and closed syllables, as well as pairing isolated syllables to form two-syllable words.

For individuals who need more practice, there is a one-syllable word sort.

Students sort these words based on whether the first syllable is open or closed.

Students pair these syllables up to form words.

If you are interested, you can purchase these items at my TPT store. Here is the preview of everything included in the file.

I'm looking forward to sharing more syllable resources with you.  I need to cover all five syllable types.  I'm trying to find as many "hands on" ways as possible.  Please feel free to share any ideas you have.

Please click here to find some fun activities to practice silent e syllables.

Thank you, and have a great week!

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