Friday, September 6, 2013

Five for Friday, Starting with a Fabulous Find

Hello Everyone!  Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for their Five for Friday linky.
Here are five random things from my week.

First, I am linking up with Courtney and Sarah from Hoots N' Hollers for their fun new linky Fabulous Finds Friday.  Recently, I read a post by Diane from Fifth in the Middle about the slant box she received fro Maja at Kooky Kinders.  In the box there was a pack of Sharpie non-bleeding Flip Chart Markers. 
How could I not have known there was such a thing?  Of course, I had to get a pack.  I love them!  I'm half tempted to redo some of the anchor charts I made earlier in the year.  Here is the first chart I made using my new favorite markers.

I made a new graphic organizer for making connections.  I think adding a part where students have to explain how the connection helped them to understand the reading is crucial.  (Of course, a cute border doesn't hurt either!) It really helps minimize trivial connections.  You can get this graphic organizer for free by clicking here.

This week, students made posters representing different prehistoric Indian groups.  I had five groups: Paleo Indians, Archaic Indians, Adena, Hopewell, and Fort Ancient.  Each student took a topic to reseach (food, mounds, tools, etc.)  Students were given both an individual score and a group score.  This was our first group project.  Students did a nice job working together, and they were very honest on their self-evaluations.  I thoroughly enjoyed their presentations!

This week I made a great recipe to reheat for lunches.  I've made this before, and it's as good as I remembered.  The recipe is for broccoli-shrimp fettuccine.  (I added carrots.)  The recipe comes from one of my favorite cookbooks One-Dish Meals Cookbook.  This is the perfect cookbook for finding quick meals for the family or excellent meals to reheat for lunch.

On Labor Day, I ran a 5K.  It was my first race in over a year.  I had a lot of fun, and now I am really motivated to work on my time.  I signed up for another 5K on September 15.

I hope everyone had a great week.  Please take some time to enjoy friends and family this weekend.  It is so important to have quality time with the ones we care about most.

I'm off to see what everyone else has been up to and to check out all the Fabulous Finds this week.

Thank you!


  1. I am so funny about new marker! I won't let the kids use them and like to keep them as a set - I am sure another teacher has taken my blue marker just to annoy me at the moment - I can't find it anywhere!

    I am a new follower - I teach a Grade 3/4 combo class....

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  2. Thanks so much for linking up with us this week! The markers look awesome, the cookbook makes me hungry, and running a 5K reminds me of how much better shape I used to be in many moons ago (loved to do races)... Oh, your connection graphic organizer looks great as well--will pass it on to a former teaching partner in fourth grade! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

  3. Isn't it funny how something simple like new markers can make our day? I'm the same way with markers and pens. Have a great weekend!

    Hunter's Teaching Tales
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