Friday, September 20, 2013

Five for Friday

Hello Everybody!  Today, I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for their Five for Friday linky.


Here are 5 random things from my week.

We are using Kidblog in full force now in my classroom.  

Kidblog Kidblog is built by teachers, for teachers, so students can get the most out of the blogging process.  Kidblog meets the need for a safe and simple blogging platform suitable for elementary and middle school students. Most importantly, Kidblog allows teachers to monitor and control all publishing activity within the classroom blogging community.

I teach two sections of language arts.  Last week, I had Kidblog as part of my Daily 3 rotation in language arts for my homeroom.  This week, I have added it to my second language arts class.  I post questions about our read aloud, general questions about independent reading, and an "Interesting News" section.  My class also has a section with social studies questions.  Before students can respond to the "Interesting News" section, they need to comment on two academic sections.  However, I emailed the blog link to my parents.  Students are free to report their stories from home at any time.

Earlier in the week, I wrote about my plan to use Smarties in a simulation about the taxes that were imposed on the American colonist by the British.  This activity was a huge success.  I will blog about in detail tomorrow for Joanne's linky, Spark Student Motivation Saturday.

I am excited to have my beginning of the year reading assessments finished!  This weekend, I will work on scoring them.  The data from these tests is extremely helpful, and I can't wait to use it to start planning some engaging, meaningful activities.

On Sunday, I ran a 5K to raise money for a military museum.  I had a goal time of 30 minutes.  It was just one of those days where I felt especially motivated, and I finished in 28:11.  Now, if you're a runner, you know that time would not normally place you in a race.  However, this was a small race, and I ended up taking third overall for women.  I was super excited about this, as I'm just getting back into racing.

On Thursday, we had early release.  We used this time to work on professional goals.  I am looking forward to collaborating with my partner.  We wrote goals on technology and extended responses.  Now, I just need to put together a binder to track my progress.  It will have a cute cover, for sure.

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