Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Peek at my Week (with a setting freebie)

Hello, Everybody!  Today, I am linking up with Jennifer from Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for her fun linky, A Peek at my Week.

A big chunk of my week (as well as last week) will be spent on report cards.  In our district, we write narratives for each subject, so parents can get a clear idea of how their child is performing. I will finish up this week.

In reading, we will continue our focus on the influence of setting.  One book I love to use for teaching setting is The Frogs Wore Red Suspenders.

I absolutely love using poetry to teach reading and writing skills.  There are a couple poems in this book that I will use to model great word choice to describe settings.  Some of the poems describe real places, such as Monterey Bay.

Other poems describe fictional settings, such as Sarah Small's garden.

One activity that I love to do is read the poem, "In the Heart of South Dakota".  When I am reading this poem, I do not show students the picture.  After reading the poem, I have the students guess the setting of the poem.  (They always get it.)

After sharing poems throughout the week, I will have students play "Name that Setting".  Students will write a paragraph describing a common setting.  If they included enough detail, other students should be able to guess the setting.

You can get "Name that Setting" for free by clicking here.

That's a peek at what I'll be up to this week.  I am off to check out what everyone else will be up to.  Thank you, Jennifer for hosting this linky.  Make sure to stop by and see everyone's plans.

Have a great week!


  1. I will have to check out The Frogs Wore Red Suspenders, it sounds like a fabulous book! Thank you for the heads up and the freebie.

  2. Oh my goodness...Narrative comments for EVERY subject??? Wow! Good luck to you!!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  3. I have never heard of that book, but I LOVE Jack Prelutsky's poetry. I will definitely have to add that to my Amazon wishlist.