Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spark Student Motivation Saturday - Snowball Fight!

Hello Everyone!  Today I am linking up with Joanne from Head over Heels for Teaching for her awesome linky, Spark Student Motivation Saturday.

This post is actually inspired from one of Joanne's posts.  I knew when I read about her snowball fight, I just had to find a way to use it to add some fun to our test prep.

Last week, we had our OAA testing.  (I just haven't had a chance to blog about this yet.)  Prior to the reading test, I wanted to review some reading skills.  On a practice test, I noticed a need to review fact and opinion.  After discussing the difference between the two, we brainstormed a list of signal words.

Once students had the list, they had to write a quiz for another student.  They were to write five statements, mixing up facts and opinions.  When they were finished, I told them to stand up, push their chairs in and crumble up their papers.  The students were confused, but they did what I asked.  I then explained to them that we were having a snowball fight!

The students proceeded to throw their crumpled up quizzes at each other.  I stopped them after one minute, and each student grabbed the nearest quiz.  Students answered the questions, found the author of the quiz, and checked each other's work. 

Students loved this activity!  It's always nice when you can put a fun spin on test prep review!  I will definitely incorporate this activity into other topics in the future. 

I am off to check out the other great motivating ideas.  Thank you, Joanne for sharing this fun idea (along with some many others) and hosting this wonderful linky each week!


  1. Fun! Fun! Fun! A snowball fight anytime of the year! Very motivating indeed!


  2. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

    Sarah @ Hoots N' Hollers