Thursday, June 12, 2014

2 Linkies & a Freebie

This is my second week of vacation.  During my first week off, I did a lot of catching up around the house.  I made a few trips into school, but no major projects.  However, this week was a different story.  I got a lot of school work completed.  As a matter of fact, three times this week a friend or family member called and asked what I was up to.  When I responded some sort of school work, their response was always the same, "Aren't you off for the summer?"  I'm sure every teacher can relate to never truly taking a summer "off".

I feel so fortunate to love my job.  I've always said that teaching is a job you have to love.   It takes so much time and energy to do it right, that loving it is a must. That is why summers really aren't off.

This leads to my Positive thought for Jennifer's awesome linky, Positive Thinking Thursday.

Make sure you head over to Jennifer's blog, Mrs. Laffin's Laughings and check out all the other wonderful, positive thoughts and quotes.


One of the things I was working on this week is going through my files.  There is a LOT to do here.  I have been focusing on some of my word study resources.  I managed to get it pretty well organized and redo my spelling pretest.

You can pick it up here, if you are interested.

In the spirit of word study, I am also linking up with the Teaching Trio for Technology Thursday.


I am going to share a few of the apps that students use during Word Work time in our Daily 2/3 rotations.  I only have one iPad, so students are allowed to use it for one rotation, and then they pass it on.

Letter Fall - Students make words as the letters fall.  There are some tricky squares that students will have to figure out how to use to help them.  This is by far my most popular word work app.  That may have something to do with the fact that I challenged my students to beat my high score.  No one has yet.  :)

Mini Word - This is the same idea as Letter Fall, but it is much easier.  My students who are not strong spellers definitely prefer this one.

Magnetic Board - This app has all of the letter of the alphabet at the bottom.  Students can move the letters to the screen to practice their words. 

Jot - I use the free version of this app.  It is basically a dry erase board where students can practice their words (or, in this case, doodle).

What are some of your favorite word work apps?  I would love to learn about some more!

Make sure you check out both of these fun linkies.  Thank you Jennifer and The Teaching Trio for hosting! 


  1. I am going to have to go check out those apps. I never thought about using the iPad during word work. My kiddos just use it during Listen to Reading. Great idea!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Funky in Fourth

  2. I have never seen these apps that you are using! Adding them to my list. I tried to stay away from the computer this morning, but it didn't work. Lol!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Those apps look so fun! I wish we had iPads at my school!
    Teaching Trio
    Chalk & Apples

  4. Love finding new apps that work in the classroom! I'll be sharing these word work apps with my literacy partner!


  5. Thanks for sharing those apps! I will have to check those out! At the moment I only use Spelling City (works on iPad, iPod, and computers) to put in our word list. The students love the games on there!

    Cute in the Classroom