Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Made It

My classroom is officially clean, and I was able to go in today and get a few things done.  I was very happy to hear that my wing was the first one finished.  Today I will share some of the things I finished on Tara's wonderful linky, Monday Made It.  Make sure to check out all the wonderful ideas that are linked up over at Fourth Grade Frolics.

I made a "Welcome Back" banner with some turquoise, purple, and lime green pennants.

I also made a smaller banner and some signs for my new focus wall.  (Oops, I accidentally chopped off the "s".)

Both sets of editable pennants are available in my TPT store.  The larger pennants are approximately 10 1/2 inches tall, and the smaller ones are about 6 inches tall.

The pennants are also available in turquoise, lime green, and pink.

In my district, we start word study off with by going over the different types of syllables.  Most of my fourth graders do a nice job with these, but I made a couple sets of mini posters to review in small groups.

I also made two syllable centers/small group work activities.

The first one is a set of 24 syllables (including all six types) that are used to form 12 two-syllable words.

The second center is a sort for all six types of syllables.

You can purchase both of these centers and the mini posters, as well as regular sized posters, and a worksheet for assessment at my TPT store here.

Last Saturday, I went to my family reunion.  I needed to bring a dessert to serve a lot of people.  I found an awesome recipe on Pinterest for a cream cheese sheet cake.  It was super easy to make and a huge hit at the reunion!  I would strongly recommend trying this recipe the next time you need a quick, delicious dessert.

Cream Cheese Sheet Cake Recipe

I can't wait to check out what everyone else made this week!  Thank you, Tara for hosting this linky.

Have a great week!


  1. That cheesecake looks good!! Mmmmmmmm...

    I just wishlisted your pink version of the pennants... TOO cute. And priced so well. Will be buying them closer to the beginning of the school year :) That's for sure!!!

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

  2. I LOVE cream lick the plate love cream cheese...and make into cake and I'm in HEAVEN! That looks so good!! Your "Welcome Back" banner looks great hanging up! I can't decide if I'm jealous or not that you are already working on your room. I'm thinking I'm liking being lazy....on vacation! Lol!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Your made its look wonderful! Love your welcome back banner. The cake looks delish, too!


  4. I'm hoping to move into my new classroom next week! I'm really liking your pendants! The colors match my new Teacher Planner.


  5. How lucky that your room is ready! When do you go back?

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings