Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stitch Fix - June, 2014

It's time for my monthly non-teaching post.  Yesterday, I received my fourth Stitch Fix box, and I can't wait to share what was inside!
Anneliese Three Disc Necklace

This necklace is pretty, but way too dainty for me.  I sent it back.

Indianan Abstract Chevron Print Mixed Material Tee

This top is definitely something I would never try on.  I like that it is different than anything else I own.  I especially like the fun pattern on the back.

In the end, I didn't think the top was all that flattering, so I sent it back. 

 Alessandro Floral Print Silk Henley Blouse

 This blouse was pretty, but a little long for my taste.  I also think the color washed me out a bit. I sent the blouse back.

 Baylee Abstract Print Fitted Dress

The pattern on this dress is fun, and I love the material.  

I did have two issues with this dress.  It was definitely a little too short, and I have plenty of black and white already in my closet.  I sent it back.
Emilee Abstract Ombre Print Dress

This dress was also a little on the short side (although not as much as the previous one.)  I was okay with it though since the top was completely covered.  This dress is versatile, fun, and easy to dress up or down.  

I think this dress is perfect for a summer's night out.  I am keeping it!

(I'm having fun playing around with frames.  I'm just learning, but excited to get more creative with my photos!)
If you've being been thinking about trying Stitch Fix, you really should!  It is a lot of fun to receive a box of clothes every month to try on in your own home and mix the items with what you already own.  Some of the items are things that I would probably pick up on my own, but others surprise me how much I like them.  Even though I typically only keep one thing, I enjoy trying everything on.

Here is my referral code, if you'd like to give it a try.  Once you get started, you will get your own referral code.  Any time your family or friend use your referral, you will receive a $25 credit.  Have fun!


  1. Cute! That is definitely the perfect dress for summer!


  2. Love the dress too, but I think the necklace is my favorite. I'm not a dainty person, by any means though, so it probably wouldn't look good on me! I've been trying different prints too lately that I wouldn't normally go for! xo
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Love the dress you kept!! I'm with you on that first shirt- I like to get something different sometimes, but the couple things they've sent me out of my normal "zone" weren't flattering either. Still love getting them though!