Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Favortie Things - Websites

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer (or their final days with students).  As I'm sure it is with all of you, summer doesn't mean stop planning.  It does mean, however, plan at your leisure which is a huge perk.

Today, I am linking up with The Teaching Trio to share three of my favorite go to websites when planning my units.  All three of these websites can provide great hooks, reinforcement, and review.

Brainpop - I absolutely love Brainpop!  My favorite thing about it is how excited my students get every time I play one.  This is one website that works extremely well across grade levels.   The animated videos are informative, engaging and cover just about every topic.  I use it all the time to introduce and review topics.  If your school does not have a subscription, I highly recommend that you request one.

Pete's Power Point Station - This site links you to tons of awesome, free Power Points and games across all subject areas.  I blogged about it in detail here.

YouTube with Safe Share - There are so many great videos on Youtube!  However, some of the advertisements that come up can be annoying, or even inappropriate.  I first heard about Safe Share from Ideas by Jivey.  If you copy and paste the Youtube link on the Safe Share site, it allows you to view the videos ad-free.  I use for my lesson plans.  I can just plug in the safe share link, and I'm ready to go.

Here are a couple of my favorite Youtube video.

Of course, there's always Schoolhouse Rock!
(Just a Bill - How a bill becomes a law)

What is your favorite "go to" website when you are planning your lessons?
I am off to check out everyone else's favorites.  Thank you, Teaching Trio, for hosting this fun linky!

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  1. I love Brainpop, too! I've never heard of Pete's PowerPoint station, though. Thanks for the tip!