Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tracking Reading without a Log

 I had a meeting with my teammates this week, and we have all decided to take the "logless" plunge.  I have read positive results from so many bloggers as well as the recommendations from the fabulous resource The Book Whisperer.

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I am excited (and a little nervous) to give this a try.  We had a great discussion about reading accountability.  Here is what we came up with to substitute for our logs.

I have used Status of the Class for several years as a quick way to check in with students.  However, I would like to be more consistent.  Here is the form I use.

I got this from Franki Sibbeson's awesome book, Day-to-Day Assessment in the Reading Workshop.   (This book is a must in my opinion!)

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In addition to Status of the Class, we wanted to think about reading goals.  Goal setting has always been big at my school and in my classroom.  However, since we started The Leader in Me program, it has become huge!    

I love the idea of the "40 Book Challenge".  However, we wanted to make the goal flexible, and we also wanted to challenge students to read from a variety of genres.   Here is the form I made for students to set and track their goals.

Students will fill in the boxes as they finish their books to create a bar graph.

Even though I am tracking completed books  with the Status of the class, I also wanted students to track the books they finished.  I created this form for them to use.

I thought students would need a reference sheet handy to determine the genre of their books.  Students will keep this form in their data notebooks with their reading goals.

I put these forms on a Google doc.  If you are interested, you can download them here.

I will be sure to let you know how this "logless" venture goes.  I would greatly appreciate any advice if you have tried tracking reading without a log.  Thank you!

Have a great week!


  1. I really like your reading goals page allowing the kids to set, and keep track of, the number of books in each genre. Thanks!

  2. I do a form of Status of the Class too. I was finding that my students weren't taking AR tests, so I created a form and checked in with them a couple times a week to see what book they were reading and what page they were on, and also if they took an AR test. It increased the number of AR tests taken by like 75%. Reading accountability is so, so , so important these days. It seems that if they aren't held accountable, they won't do it. Sad.....

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  3. The goals page is great! I am definitely focusing more on genre study this year and this will be so helpful!