Thursday, January 14, 2016

An Improved Youtube Experience

Hello Everyone!  Today I would like to share some Google Extensions that I promise will make your YouTube viewing experience far more enjoyable!  If you are not sure what an extension is, I highly recommend that your read about them here.

I have recently discovered extensions on Chrome, and I have been amazed by how many things you can do!  Honestly, I have been a little obsessed with just about all things Google these days.  

The extensions I am sharing today will make Youtube ad-free, distraction-free, comment-free, and overall more enjoyable.  I gave a brief description of each extension below.  To learn more and to add the extension to your Chrome, click on the titles for the links.

Adding this extension to Chrome will eliminate all those pesky and sometimes inappropriate ads on youtube.

This extension will get rid of the video recommendations sidebar that can easily distract your students.  Awesome!

There are no more worries about inappropriate comments that come up from time to time.  This extension gets rid of them all.

This is one of my favorite extensions!  It will stop YouTube from automatically playing the next video.  Hooray!

Sideplayer is very helpful for those who like to multi-task.  You can watch a smaller version of the video while on any other website.

All of these extensions are easy to add and use.  Have fun!

What is your favorite Google extension?

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  1. Thanks for sharing the precious extensions! I would recommend it to my community as well! Good luck!